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Man Camp, one week, led by me; a health event with a Pro-testosterone focus.  

Overview : Veg*n food, horseback riding lessons, coffee peeling, tree felling, wood splitting, banana hauling, and other manly pursuits.  Fitness activities to be offered : yoga- my favorite Surya C, yoga for strength with Elliott, sandbag resistance training, high-intensity aerobic exercise, hill climbs, one long hike.    Visits to the Botanical Gardens and Oso Farms Coffee optional.  Hammocking is mandatory- recovery is important..

Mountain hike and tour fo private preserve near Uvita with the most beautiful swimming hole you will ever see.

Then, to the rustic beach site, where you can always hear the ocean, the water is pure, and the tide rises and falls several meters.  Fish for your lunch/dinner, if you wish, or search for the mangrove bivalve locally known as “Piangua”.  Even if you have something pedestrian like chicken for dinner, you will know which one it was – The freshest food you have eaten – there are multiple giant mango trees and a guanabana, many cocos, and almost always, something in the banana category, including plantains.

Work on your machete skills (if you have signed the waiver) – cut cuadrados or bananas or learn to open coconuts.. Options (included) : Mountain hike, snorkeling in the Boca de Ganado as the tide comes back in, revealing the tropical fish, (possibly) visit to the sea turtle center.

Do not miss the private beach.  We will leave you alone if you want privacy.  There is fresh water 100 yards from the beach to wash the sand off and out, if you get the idea.  Kilometers of private (due to access issues) beach…doesn’t happen in the Real World.  Here it does.

When the lights and the fire are out at night, it’s dark.  Don’t forget to check out all the stars.

Cell coverage is marginal here.  If that concerns you, this trip is not for you.

From sea level to 1300 meters – the beautiful mountain site, with the creek and perfect climate – 60 F at night, and 85 daytime highs.  Easy access to the Botanical Gardens.  Horseback lessons available, working farm tour including peel your own coffee – a full body workout, gardening projects from light to heavy, hanging out at or in the quebrada (creek), and hammocking.  We’ll work the hilll climb into the travel or shopping trips.  Oddly enough, piano and violin lessons also available.


In Uvita, 200 undisturbed acres, the gamut of the Paso de la Danta Biological Corridor.

At the beach site, certainly capuchins, almost certainly howler monkeys near the beach.  There are tapir, but rarely seen.  There is a caiman sometimes seen by the boat launch nearest the house.

At the mountain site, lots of birds, including hummingbirds, lizards, toucans (more heard than seen), and the adorable chihuahua terrier, Sammy.


Arrive SJO.

Meet me.

Rent a 4WD vehicle – buy the insurance.  Optionally, we may arrange a driver.

Head for the coast and south.

Probably overnight at Playa Hermosa, to recover from the long travel day.  Surfing lessons optional (and extra).

Early a.m. departure for Uvita – Meet Alex, tour the reserve,  view the Whale’s Tail from 2000 feet, check the many trees for tropical fruit, swim in the most gorgeous swimming hole,  then to the beach site for a few days.

Then to the mountain site for a few days.

Probably best to spend a day travelling leisurely toward San Jose and stage up overnight in a hotel for your flight if departing.


  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
  • Lodging
  • Food at Playa Hermosa, the beach site, and the mountain site.
  • All activities mentioned.

In Conclusion

This is a very small group event – max 3 people at a time, could be a couple- think of it as therapy – even those in a rough patch.  If you can’t make fire on this trip, hang it up.

This is a spectacular program for anyone interested in Costa Rica to try new things and experience some of the most beautiful sights of the most beautiful country.

This event is not designed for, and will not accept, unfit or high maintenance people, at our discretion.  We may request recent fitness data and/or travel photos.  You should be reasonably confident as a swimmer.  There are no elevators, handrails, lifeguards, safety ropes, or even yellow lines.  The beach site is rustic and open-air.  We will need to check your room for scorpions and probably kill one, maybe two.  Based on scatological evidence and the occasional disappearance of dogs, there seem to be big cats in the area, but they are nocturnal, so no issue – you are more likely to see a tapir.  If you would rather be coddled and swaddled than amazed, this is not for you.

Moderately or formerly fit people can push themselves, hiking paces can be slowed, intensity can generally be lowered – But my suggestion would be that you train up, and max out the event.

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